Wild Elusive Butterfly

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A three act drama about love, relationships, loss, written by John Park and brought to you by the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Strong language and adult themes throughout. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk to enjoy our full range of full cast audio drama, comedy and more.
Brought to you by Wireless Theatre Company of Wild Elusive Butterfly

Latest Episodes…

  1. Wild Elusive Butterfly Act III

    In Act Three of Wild Elusive Butterfly, John and Peter surprise the Furies with an invitation and shocking suggestion. Magda gives Jack a recording (naughty!).  In the Garden of Eden, Tom can’t tempt Daisy with an apple, but a red cigarette might end in a kiss. ...


  2. Wild Elusive Butterfly Act II

    In Act Two of Wild Elusive Butterfly, Tom finds life after death on a South Sea Island.  He meets new friends car-crasher Dr Friday, retired rent boy Sugar Popsicle, a cheeky Porpoise and – at Lake Baikal – novelist Fasil Iskander and the late Commissar of the Baikal ...


  3. Wild Elusive Butterfly Act I

    In Act One of Wild Elusive Butterfly, cargo vessel Turmoil prepares to set sail for the Southern Ocean.  Shipowner Daisy Ballantyne and cargo owner Tom Devine negotiate terms and conceal desire.  Pregnant Jill and husband Jack explore the limits of marriage.  John and Peter enjoy contentment.  Primordial spirits feel undervalued.  ...